How Quail Services Is Helping Homeowners Seal Their Houses During Winters

How to Keep Your House Warm This Winter

Now since the winter is almost here, it is time to prepare for the wind chills and snow for a couple of months. The last thing you would want during the season is any air leakage at home which can pose problems due to infiltration of extremely cold air.

For a better understanding, let us first understand what is air leakage. Ventilation is the process of controlled intake of air inside houses for exhausting and minimizing humid air inside along with any unwanted odors if present. Now air leakage is the uncontrollable infiltration of atmospheric air that enters houses through various vulnerable spots such as cracks and openings. It causes problems throughout the year, especially during winters. The strategy adopted by maintenance service providers such as Quail Service in Dudley focus on eradicating air leakage and introducing controlled ventilation.

Image of Interior Windows

The ventilation systems installed help with recovery of heat, adequate moisture control and continuous filtering of air. Air leakage through cracks and gaps between doors and windows can result in the exiting of warm and moist air and the entry of unwanted cold air.

The mechanism as described by Quail Services is easy to understand. The positive pressure of wind on side of the building and the negative pressure on the opposite wall cause the warm air inside the house to be pulled out or exfiltrated. Another phenomenon that causes such problems is called the Stack effect which results in the warm air moving upwards in the building mostly during winters due to indoor-outdoor temperature differences. The cold outdoor air forces the warm and humid indoor air to move out of the building through the windows, ventilation shafts and cracks on the upper levels of the building.

Quail Services house a team of certified professionals who expertise in dealing with such unwanted situations. They are just a call away and provide a free analysis of the situation and briefs the potential customer before striking a deal with them. The service providers have decades of experience in detecting and managing air leaks in attics and basements which are tough to locate and insulate.

Quail Services take the following steps to prevent air leakage in homes during winter:

  • For infiltration taking place through gaps under doors, a door sweep is installed thus blocking out the cold air.
  • For gaps and cracks on the frames of windows, an adhesive foam strip is attached throughout the perimeter of the window frame blocking any inlet of cold air.
  • Homeowners who have plans to keep their windows shut till spring are suggested to seal their windows with caulking which can easily come off whenever required.
  • Electrical outlets can also drain warm air out and the professionals fill them with foam for the duration of winter.

Apart from maintaining the warm temperature inside the house, sealing air leakage spots also help reduce electric bills as the load on the HVAC systems is considerably reduced. Ultimately it also helps protect the environment and makes the house more energy efficient.

If you have any questions regarding your home’s HVAC performance, reach out to us today!